Costa Rica Roadtrip Itinerary (in a Campervan!)


We’re a mother-daughter team.

Jessi (aka Mom) is slightly more creative than her counter-part and handles most of the ideas and initial sketches. She spends most of her day lost in her imagination… and then drawing it out on paper.

I’m the other half of the partnership. I handle anything and everything that requires the use of a computer… vectors, website, social media… I also hate websites that speak in third-person. 🙁 So I’m going to not do that. Sorry in advance if that sounds unprofessional.

What We’ve Done We have a pretty solid portfolio of fabric lines (7 to be exact), scrapbooking paper, planners, stationary, wedding invitations, children’s clothing, cell phone covers, and other novelty surface designs.


Illustrations We can work in just about any style, with just about any subject matter. Our medium of choice is gouache. It’s a little more hip than watercolors… I have a degree in fine art. So I like just about any kind of art. Oil paints, watercolors, colored pencils, oil pastels, it doesn’t really matter. We do it all.


Repeats For some designers, repeats are a no-go. Not us. We’ve designed SEVEN fabric lines. And, unlike other fabric designers, we always turn in final vector prints, with the repeat already figured out. And… our repeats don’t scream “here’s the repeat”… they overlap and are 100% seamless.

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