We’re a mother-daughter team and we like to design pretty things (print and surface design).

We draw, paint, and vectorize all of our projects with lots of love showing through and through. We also consider ourselves a quirky bunch… we like to hide little secrets all over the place. Can you find the hidden secret in this very illustration here? P.S. That’s us over there on the left.

(you might be thinking)
a mother daughter team...
that sounds sort of like
“mom and pop”... except worse.

Well, read on to learn about our credentials and what we do.
Because we’re #TooLegitToQuit.





We have worked with notable companies like Moda Fabrics, Waverly, United Notions, TrimCraft, Dritz, and Print Source… just to name a few.


What We’ve Done

We have a pretty solid portfolio of fabric lines (7 to be exact), scrapbooking paper, planners, stationary, wedding invitations, children’s clothing, cell phone covers, and other novelty surface designs.


And Books Too

We’ve also written books!! Sweet & Simple Sewing with Martingale Publishers, Easy Quilting Start To Finish with Dritz, and Plan Bee Organizer, also with Dritz.


Oh, and magazines!

We’re also featured in a number of magazines… multiple articles and projects for Better Homes and Gardens, Quiltmaker, Clotilde’s Sewing Savvy, and Australian Quilters Companion. We’ve also been featured in an exhibit in Atlanta’s Museum of Modern Art.




We can work in just about any style, with just about any subject matter. Our medium of choice is gouache. It’s a little more hip than watercolors… And we’re proficient in Adobe Illustrator for making our designs repeatable and print-ready.



For some designers, repeats are a no-go. Not us. We’ve designed SEVEN fabric lines. And, unlike other fabric designers, we always turn in final vector prints, with the repeat already figured out. And… our repeats don’t scream “here’s the repeat”… they overlap and are 100% seamless.


Vectorizing for Print

While all of our illustrations are handmade with either paint or pencil… we understand how the printing process works. We have 12 years of experience working with printers, so translating designs into whatever format with whatever color parameters is no problem.



We love to take pretty photos of our projects… And… our Instagram account has more than 80,000 followers. And… we love posting about our collaborations. So in addition to getting a kick-butt design when you work with us, we’ll also help to promote it, free of charge! Win win!

BTW, what the heck does Patihispi mean?

Patihispi was actually the code name that my partner and I started using to refer to our company because the real name is a bit cumbersome. It stands for Paper Tiger Hidden Spider.

I’m one of those people who derive great pleasure from word amalgamations… frenemy, hangry, crunk… merging two words into one is just trendy right now. And who doesn’t want to be trendy. And with all that practice that I’ve gotten whilst trying to be so trendy, Paper Tiger Hidden Spider just sort of magically shortened itself into Patihispi, which has a nice ring to it. 

But what does it actually mean??? Well, we previously had a business that was cleverly named exactly the same thing as our two names… the kind of name you’d pick for a legal practice. When we regrouped though, we decided to pick something cool. Which brought us to Paper Tiger. But… believe it or not, there are multiple songs named Paper Tiger, a band, a movie, and a slew of other businesses. That’s where the hidden spider part came into play. First of all it rhymes quite nicely. But more than that… we’ve been doing surface designs for the last 12 years, and one thing that we like to do is hide spiders (and/or webs) in our designs. Ahhh. So it rhymes plus has meaning. Plus it lets people in on our little secret. What’s the point of hiding spiders in everything if no one even knows to look for them. Right?