We create whimsical surface designs and patterns.

Our projects generally consist of multiple parts, all within the same theme and style, resulting in a body of work that is made up of a foundational illustration, as well as supporting patterns, designs, and ditsy repeats. We feel like this gives our work a little more versatility when translated into the world of surface design! The various prints and patterns can be combined into sets that seamlessly compliment each other.

Daphne Perfume Branding and Packaging

Let’s start with Daphne. This was a perfume branding project for a scent that fuses natural radiance with feminine allure… So in order to communicate these specific qualities, we chose to reference the Greek myth of a beautiful, young woman who was transformed into a laurel tree by the gods… a metaphor of sorts.

All of the graphics for this brand portray the exact moment of metamorphosis, when Daphne becomes both a woman and a tree. The bottle is shaped like an opening laurel bud, with the petal taking on the form of a woman. The print ad depicts a woman wearing a dress of flowers and vines that transforms her into a tree.

Hand-Lettering Design (Wedding Script)

Jumping off of the above style, we evolved that approach a bit to create this wedding-day hashtag, used by a bride and groom (combining both of their names) for the purpose of tagging their wedding photos. We incorporated a variety of flowers into this version, along with whimsical elements like bees, hidden spider webs, elephants… 

Elephant Tile Design

To kickstart our Indian Floral Line of prints, here is a fun tile design that works as both a stand-alone piece as well as within a repeat pattern format.

Elephant Victorian-esque Wallpaper Print

To continue with the elephant theme, we designed a print that could be stacked in both directions to create somewhat of a zigzag effect.

Here’s a little block to show the repeat.  (Take note of where the repeat occurs, with the elephant holding the flower in it’s trunk.) #ADORBS

Flower Clusters

When starting new projects, we like to figure out our “flower library” of sorts. Each new project contains the same flowers throughout the various print sets to create a cohesive series.

Wedding Bouquet Repeat Pattern

This wedding bouquet print contains simple versions of the flowers we used within the series.

This lead to a fun repeat that was a bit unexpected. (Serendipitous repeat prints like this make us smile.)

Ditsy Jungle Print

To compliment our Indian Floral theme, this print includes Indian elements like the elephant and lotus flower. 

Gouache Henna Surface Design

For this stand-alone print, we studied authentic henna paintings in order to merge traditional henna design elements with our whimsical style used within this series.

Repeat Circular Peacock Pattern

This print packs a punch when it’s repeated against brighter backgrounds… one of the more quirky prints within our Indian Floral group.

Peacock Repeat Pattern Design

Here is a completely different approach to the repeated peacock print shown above. To the right is the original painting with the repeats below. 

Floral Quote for a Greeting Card

This versatile design can be used for many purposes… cards, stationary, t-shirts, etc. The quote can be easily swapped out (message us with requests). We have also turned it into a seamless repeat. 

Floral Sheet Music Surface Design

This print playfully merges our project’s flowers with sheet music.

Non-directional Nursery Print

By taking the original painting and rotating it, this print turns into a nice tile-like pattern that works on a variety of background colors.

Wedding Surface Design

This print was originally designed for wedding invitations. Hidden within the design is the bride, groom, and their dog… as well as the schoolhouse wedding venue. We can easily swap out these specific elements upon request.

This divider marks the end of the Indian Floral project. 

As we make our way further down this page, we show you our other projects containing a variety of styles and themes.


Black Lives Matter Badge

I’ve been seeing a lot of multi-racial-fist-illustrations floating around the internet, which is of course part of the inspo behind this badge. Rather than using fists (because fists feel more violent than I think their creators probably intended), I used sign language to illustrate BLM within the actual hand formations. (Sidenote behind that: Every state has a school for the deaf, and South Carolina’s school is located in my hometown of Spartanburg. My mom was a teacher there for years which lead to me being exposed to sign language from a very young age. Which finalized the inspiration behind this badge.)

“I and Love and You” Dog Food Set Design

One of our clients requested a artistic photoshoot for their dog food brand. For this, we created a handmade backdrop that features 3d construction paper flowers, embellished with gouache accents. 

A Hodgepodge Assortment of One-off Surface Designs

The following prints feature a variety of themes, colors, styles, and illustrated elements. Enjoy!

Field Study Prints

Here we highlight a nature theme featuring sweet bunnies hidden within flower clusters. These illustrations were then combined to create a playful fabric line. (See the entire line here.)  

We also played around with insects.

A Study of Plums

Fruit illustrations are always fun to play around with for kitchen surface designs.

I’m Flying Children’s Surface Designs

We have several children’s prints available… contact us with any special requests.

Cuckoo-clock Pattern Design

This project merges Cuckoo-clock elements with Pennsylvania Dutch Hex design, and went on to inspire our Hideaway Fabric Line which you can see here

Holiday Prints

We’ll wrap this party up with our Holiday-inspired prints.

That’s all for now.

In addition to the art samples here, we have lots of additional prints within our portfolio, available for purchase to use within your commercial projects.

We love to collaborate on new projects, so please get in touch with us for your commissioned work.

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