Adventures in Sewing

My interest in crafting and sewing started early.

In fact, some of my earliest memories involve reams of colorful construction paper and copious amounts of scotch tape…my mom always encouraged us to be creative!

It wasn’t long until I got bored with that and graduated to using fabric and thread. And while I’ve always loved sewing (or anything creative in nature), I never really ventured past simple patterns with straight lines and easy seams.

For a long time, anything with buttons or zippers was way out of my league…until now! Our last line, Flora, has really inspired me, and in recent months, I have developed a new appreciation for my sewing machine.

Since my new obsession began I have whipped up a tote, some makeup bags, 3 journals, 2 teddy bears and a super cute clutch.

In fact, Lauren and Mom were so impressed with the clutch and the teddy bears that they insisted I share photos of them with all of you.

So there you go! I am really proud of these creations, and if you ask me, the Flora fabric adds a little something extra (and I’m not just saying that because it’s mine).

While it’s fun to share our projects with everyone, we would LOVE to see the projects that all of you have made using our fabric!

So if you’ve made something using Botany, Hideaway, or Flora, and you’d like to show it off, please don’t hesitate to send some pretty pictures of it our way. We’ll be sure to show them off on the blog and the facebook page. Happy Sewing!

The clutch is Amy Butler’s pattern: “Perfectly Pleated Clutch” from her book Style Stitches. The teddy bear was altered slightly from Joel Dewberry’s “Teddy Bear” pattern in his book Sewn Spaces.

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