Carrie Jung Is Getting Married

Carrie is my younger sister by two years, so we were all a little surprised when she was the first one to get engaged…

Those who knew her well, back in her high school years of dating, refer to that time period as her “dumpster diving phase”. She dated a few guys here and there, but each relationship ended quickly and tragically for Little Carrie…

Then in the summer following graduation, she began working at Brusters, an icecream shop in our home town of Spartanburg, SC. She became fast friends with her manager, Inbal, and started hanging out with her on the weekends…

It was on one of these weekend outings that she met Inbal’s boyfriend, Andrew… AND it just so happened… that on this SAME weekend outing, Andrew decided to bring his brother, Jon, along.

Jon fell madly in love with Carrie… Carrie fell madly in love with Jon, and the rest is history.

This wonderful happy ending was made even happier by the fact that while I was living in Atlanta, my boyfriend, Beau decided to move in with Jon. The two of them later moved into my same apartment complex, and the three of us, along with their third roommate, Kevin, became the best of friends!

So, I suppose it works out well for everyone… Carrie’s getting married… Jon was in my “Atlanta gang” so I approve of the decision… my friend, Megan, took these awesome engagement photos (see below)… Beau and I both get to be in the wedding… my bride’s maid dress is ADORABLE…

AND… I was put in charge of the wedding invitations! (…or I might have demanded to be in charge of them, but that’s neither here nor there.) We’ve just finished producing her set of Save the Dates and those will be going out tomorrow. (See above.)

And those are just a small taste of the interactive experience that is to come with the invitation itself!

Carrie’s wedding is in June and she decided to go with a very natural, garden inspired wedding… I used this organic inspiration as my jumping off point for the design… My first attempt with these produced a wild and crazy mass of plantlife that wound its way across the four page, accordion-fold invitation… But there was something about the illustration’s lack of structure that didn’t sit well with me. So I began again, and even though I kept the same flowers and vines, I let the structure of the vines take on the shape of an intricate wrought iron gate. Which produced this very structured, garden-themed drawing that we all LOVE!

Carrie’s starting to love them a little less, because she’s in charge printing, cutting, stickermaking, gluing, and round-corner punching each piece of her wedding invitation suite.


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