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So we’re participating in one of Moda’s “blog hops”! More specifically… their Pillow Talk Blog Hop, where each of their fabric designers is given the chance to come up with a pillow design that is a representation of herself… but in the form of a pillow.

In addition to our personified pillows, we’re each given a series of rather “off-the-wall” questions to answer. Hence the name… Pillow Talk. Not to worry though… Lissa (from Moda) promises that nothing too risque will come up throughout the course of this blog hop, despite the rather suggestive title.

I, myself, love risque stuff… so this will be difficult… Kidding.

If you want to keep up with it… the order is as follows:

FEBRUARY 1 : Aneela Hoey
FEBRUARY 2 : Blackbird Designs
FEBRUARY 3 : Jan Patek
FEBRUARY 4 : Bunny Hill Designs
FEBRUARY 5 : Cotton Way
FEBRUARY 6 : Fig Tree
FEBRUARY 7 : Kansas Troubles
FEBRUARY 8 : Kate Spain
FEBRUARY 9 : Kathy Schmitz
FEBRUARY 10 : Camille Roskelley
FEBRUARY 11 : Me and My Sister
FEBRUARY 12 : Minick and Simpson
FEBRUARY 13 : Liesl from Oliver+s
FEBRUARY 14 : Sandy Gervais
FEBRUARY 15 : Lauren and Jessi Jung (our new website!)
FEBRUARY 16 : Sweetwater
FEBRUARY 17 : Barbara Brackman
FEBRUARY 18 : Deb Strain
FEBRUARY 19 : American Jane
FEBRUARY 20 : Primitive Gatherings
FEBRUARY 21 : Laundry Basket Quilts

Anyway, the blog hop should be loads of fun, and if you do keep up with all of it… you’ll probably get a number of opportunities to win free stuff. And free stuff is always cool. We haven’t quite decided on our giveaway yet, but we’re thinking about some free patterns and fat quarters! Whoo hoo!



  • Bernie says:

    I just found your blog. Love your fabrics

  • Kathy B says:

    I love Garden Tea Party. I have tea parties with my granddaughter all the time. I have campout parties with our grandsons). This would be fun touch to our party. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  • kathy in nc says:

    OMG~ OMG~I love love love your fabric! You are the Will Moses of Fabric! I totally `get’ and `love love’ the hidden treasures thru out a painting/fabric totally cool~ You are all so funny… looooove the tea party quilt
    just gave my grandaughters their 1st tea set. I am so glad for this pillow hop. This has been great. I don’t see if you have a newsletter or mailing list ? I am so excited about your fabric that I must get find this. adorable

  • Marta says:

    Where do I need to sign up? to win …. anything , and I mean anything . LOVE your fabric!!

  • Lynn Woodard says:

    Just leaving a comment is much harder than it looks. I am not sure if this will get to you but thanks for sharing so much with us. I love your pillow. How neat to be able to work with your Mother and good friends, that would be neat!

  • Shirley Martin says:

    Absolutely love the pillow, how could you go wrong with such beautiful fabric!

  • Frieda Taylor says:

    Thanks for inviting me to your Blog, I’ve never done or visited a blog before was not quite sure how to access one. But have enjoyed your writing quite a lot. your farbice are brite and inspiring I like the idea of cookoo clocks I think they are very creative. “Used to have a real one” hove no idea what happenend to it but have always liked them.
    Keep creating your gonna get where ever you want to be. Just wish Hobby Lobby would carry Moda fabrics!

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