Quilt Market 2012!

So this was definitely our best quilt market ever!!
And winning the best new exhibitor award didn’t hurt either.

I’m not going to lie…this whole booth experience was A LOT of hard work. But in the end…I think we all agreed that it was totally worth it.

A little sleep deprivation never hurt anybody right?

Ok…so there was some fun to be had within our little 8×10 foot space.

And I do have to have to hand it to Lauren and Mom. As they managed to design what my husband called “a nice corner of an Anthropologie store” for us to spend our weekend. Don’t worry, we documented it well..

But more than winning the Best New Exhibitor award…and having the chance to spend a lot of time with each other in a tight space with nowhere to sit…the best part about market (and I know this sounds cheesy) was getting to know so many new people! From quilt store owners to our fellow Moda designers.

So there you have it. 2012 Spring Quilt Market = Success!
Oh, and Birds & Berries will be in stores this August, so be on the lookout!


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