Sorry Gang…

Hi everyone, there’s been a slight mix-up regarding our stop on the bloghop! Sorry sorry sorry!!! But we’re not a real stop this time.

We’re coming out with a book in the next few months, and have just gotten super behind with our blog… and fabric design… and life in general. 🙂 But that’s not really you all’s problem… Anyway, I know that a number of you have tried to submit comments on our last Blog Hop stop (the one that went up a few months ago), so I just wanted to put up a quick post directing you to the other ladies on today’s hop : Kate Spain & Me and My Sister! Both super awesome posts!

And just because we’re out of the loop this time, rest assured, we’ll be in the next hop with extra stuff to make up for this little mix-up! Our next line, Chantilly, will be just hitting the stores, so it will be good timing!! (Teeny tiny preview below.)


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