We Love Easter Eggs

When painted well, Easter Eggs can be very cool, but the kind of Eggs that I’m referring to are actually, secret surprises that can be found hidden in movies, art… our fabric line… etc.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, rest assured, you have probably experienced an Easter Egg at some point in your life… A few well-known examples include: the myriad of racey references sprinkled throughout Disney movies… the Apple logo that appears on the computer, Deep Thought, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… and the rather random synchronization of The Wizard of Oz to Pink Floyd’s album, Dark Side of the Moon.

Because of my slightly obsessive love for these wonderful little surprises, my mom and I came up with our very own… In every line of fabric that we design, there will be always be a spiderweb. It might not always be obvious, but, rest assured, it will be there!

Now… you might be wondering, “Why spider webs?”

And to that I say, “Why not spider webs?” They are believed to bring good luck when hidden in crazy quilts and Christmas trees… and, they kill bugs! Anything that saves me the trouble of killing bugs myself, is OK in my book, and will always have a safe haven in my apartment!

Botany has three patterns that contain sed spider webs: Flora, Wildlife, and Toile


  • I’m so happy I tracked down your blog and website, and even happier that I get to be one of the first to welcome you to blogland! 🙂 Your fabric line is beautiful, I look forward to getting some, spring can’t come soon enough. Welcome again, and keep up the blogging–you have at least one faithful reader—me!

  • Jo says:

    just had to say, we ordered your whole line at market and are SO excited for it. very cool stuff. ps, your website looks amazing!

  • Vickie E says:

    Hi! I briefly met you at market…your fabric is beautiful of course….glad you are in blog land..I will put you on my blog roll so others can find out what you are up to!!!

  • Sandy Murphy says:

    Awesome job on the website and blog, Lauren. As a graphic design student, currently freaking out about uploading my first website I’ll be stopping by often for inspiration. My fellow students are great but they just don’t get my obsession with fabric and craft – and I can totally relate to your mini book story. I was wondering if you could put a link to your website on the blog. I linked to your site from Fat Quarter Shop and that link took me straight to the blog and I couldn’t then link to the website.
    PS. Great work on the patterns – I have just downloaded Garden Variety and it is so clear and easy to follow!
    PSS – Sorry for the long comment – I’ll get back to my assignments now.

    • admin says:

      Sandy! Thank you so much for your comment, very flattering! I can tell you that I uploaded this site probably 50 different times before I was able to really get something working, so I completely feel your pain. If you get stuck with anything, feel free to let me know. And if it helps, I get all of my computer answers from Tutvid.com. The tutorials rock my world!

  • Loraerops says:

    Stunning post, I didn’t thought this was going to be so stunning when I looked at your link.

  • Megan says:

    So excited to see a fellow Furman grad welcomed into Moda’s fold! Just saw the Fat Quarter Shop’s announcement about your Botany line and got unreasonably excited that Lauren went to Furman. Can’t wait to see the full range of fabrics hit my local shops!!!
    – Megan, Furman Class of 2005

    • admin says:

      Oh how exciting!!! I checked out your blog… you’ve been very busy over the last few years, you had quite a collection. Very nice!

  • Linda says:

    I am here courtesy of The Fat Quarter Shop’s blog. I love the spiderweb detail in your fabric! If I had not read your blog, I would have not known and missed out on your first collection. Looking forward to March and also to your future collection(s).

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