Almost Famous + Carrie and Jon Get a Camera

Why “Almost Famous” you ask? Well…we were just featured in the Summer edition of Quilts and More! Which is awesome…
So go get one!

You can find our article entitled “Made in the Shade” on page 78… and it includes both the instructions and diagrams needed to make our Lamp Quilt that we submitted to them a few months ago…

And then for the second half of this entry…
My sister, Carrie, has been promoted (within our little company)! To photographer…

(I’ve found that my day job really gets in the way of my extracurricular job because by the time I get home around 6:30… it’s a little too dark for picture taking. So that’s where Carrie comes in.)

As you can imagine, we are all really pumped that our lamp quilt was featured in a magazine. And true to Jung form, we wanted it well documented with copious amounts of pictures. Carrie gave it her best shot with her iphone, but it quickly became apparent that that wasn’t going to cut it…. So she’s now the proud new owner of a Sony a390… which she LOVES… and so does her husband, Jon, who’s been fighting for a chance to experiment with it…. and in his free time he’s been nerding things up with the instruction manual.

But I think they were very thorough, to say the least, with the the shots that they sent over…

(See above picture of Carrie pretending to be a hobo.)

I think this would qualify as “thinking outside of the box”. Ha.

(And if you also direct your attention to the second set of photos… the magazine spreads were photographed in a bush… while, very cleverly, sitting “in the shade”…)

Get it?

Like the magazine title?


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