My Business Cards: And Why They Feel Delicious…

Right before Market, we printed our second round of business cards… this time, professionally, due to some extremely painful memories from last time… (when we decided to make them ourselves).

The idea behind this design is to have our logo knocked out of the front, revealing one of the fabrics from our current line. This allows them to constantly change… while highlighting whatever’s new. Then on the back, you’ll find that same swatch of fabric acting as the background of the card… with a small tag that contains all of our contact info. (The longer story behind our logo and business cards can be found here.)

And I just think they’re beautiful.

And beautiful cards need to be printed on beautiful paper.

Which is where our printer, (Moo), stepped up to the plate… enabling us to create a truly magical experience for anyone who is able to touch/caress/sometimes, even lick these cards.

They feel delicious.

Maybe even a little seductive.

The paper stock is thick and rigid with a surface coating that feels sort of like silk…

Silk that has been fused with waxpaper… (which, in my opinion, should probably be called silax-paper).

And they do all of this by using a “matte laminate”… which they claim will also protect your cards from getting dirty.

And I am here to back that up, because I literally had my cards out in the mud today for my little photo shoot… From which they returned completely unharmed.


I love Moo!


  • Anne Elser says:

    Yes they are delicious and I also love the joy with which you used to shoot and describe them. So many possibilities. Print some on fabric next time or hankies or napkins or use pinking shears to trim one side. If I collect them all couldn’t I make a quilt?! Fun fun fun!

    • Lauren says:

      Yay, thank you!! … And yes, I think a very nice quilt could be made with these! LOL!!!

    • Lauren says:

      Oh ha! I was thinking about your comment on my way into work… about your choice of words… and the off-the-wall awesomeness of the way you put things… so I came back on to see if I knew the person who posted it. (Because I was still in bed when I read it on my phone this morning… and I didn’t see the post-ee.) And then I saw your name!! Such an Anne way of putting things! I love it!

  • lissa says:

    Lauren, You are so clever. The business cards are beautiful.


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