Alpine Stars Pattern

So this is our third free pattern for our Hideaway line, and it’s officially up and ready for download on our Free Patterns Page on our website here!
(And you can download it directly here.)

We think it’s a nice one because it’s relatively easy… and it’s a fun way to use the entire line. It consists of 30 identical blocks that follow the Ohio Star pattern. (I’ve also seen this star called the Maryland Star as well as the Sawtooth Star.)

Anyway, when it’s done with a more traditionally themed color palette… where all of the stars are identical, it will definitely give off that more traditional feel. But when it’s created in the more scrappy technique… as shown here, it winds up creating a really nice mosaic-y feel. It becomes more intricate and the stars evolve into more of a secondary feature… rather than being a dominating visual element.

We hope you like it!!

On a side note, I know that it’s difficult to find an entire line sometimes… because most stores won’t generally buy entire collections. But if you’re looking to create a quilt like this using our Hideaway line here are a list of stores that I’ve found online that are carrying the full line:


And finally, on yet another sidenote… We’ve just put up our new website… which I guess should be considered a work in progress, because there are still a number of things that we’d like to add. One of these things is a Where to Buy Page. So, I’ll be putting together a list of stores that I find through Google, but if you’d like to email me a link to your store, I’d be happy to include you on this page. Just give me an idea of what you’ll be carrying… like if you’ll have the whole line… and if you’re planning on doing any kits. (Because if you are doing kits, I’d love to post an entry about them… as well as provide access to your store through our website. I have a lot of people emailing me about kits, but I haven’t come across any so far.)

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