Bad-Boy Soup

This is our sweet boy Rudy… (as many of you probably already know)… and we think he’s the greatest.

Whenever we’re busy with a project… either on the computer… or laying out quilts, Rudy will usually start to feel neglected… and, as a result, he’ll act out to get our attention. After his many failed attempts to entice us to play with his “Headless Bunny”, “Dead Squirrel”, or “Baby Duck” (his three favorite toys)… he’ll plop down, right in the middle of whatever it is we’re doing and look up at us with the most adorable expression, as if to say, “What, you didn’t want me to sit on top of the fabric pieces that you have been painstakingly arranging for the last hour?”

So when our fabric arrived in the mail, I planned on using this bad-boy-habit of his to my advantage… my plan was to lay out this entire color-wheel of fabric, while ignoring him completely… with the hope that he would eventually wander over and sit in the middle… allowing me to snap some nice photos.

When I finished, Rudy was off by himself looking for salamanders to “play with”… Completely unconcerned with me and my color-wheel.

(On any other day, this would have done the trick.)

Since my plan didn’t work, we then tried other techniques, like burying treats inside of the fabric… but this just made him frantic and a mess.

Then we tried using the age-old “Sit” command. But, for some reason, when Rudy learned this command way back when, he learned it in combination with “Roll Over”. And, oddly enough, he’s never been able to separate the two. He’ll sit for a second, then immediately throw himself onto the ground in order to “roll over”.

We spent about a half hour trying to get this little dog to act right… but to no avail. The collage of photos shows the results of this little photoshoot.

(A few years back, one of us started telling Rudy that it’s a good thing he’s cute… otherwise we’d have to make Bad-Boy Soup.)

This particular day was definitely a Bad-Boy Soup Day!


  • Ann Sandell says:

    Bad Boy Soup. So funny! I have a Westie named Maggie – she’d love to come and help Rudy “play” with lizards and mess up fabric! The best dog breed ever…(I’ve concluded this after haviang my share of awesome labs, too)
    Congrats on the great booth! and prize!

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