Lauren & Jessi Pretending To Be Construction Workers

So this year, we decided to have a booth of our own at Quilt Market in May to show off our newest line, Birds & Berries.

I’m currently living in New Jersey and my mom is down in Spartanburg SC, so I drove down to her place for a week with the goal of finishing our booth.

Not knowing where to start, we decided to just drive over to the Home Depot and take it from there.

We walked around aimlessly for a while until one of the employees asked us if we needed help.

Which we REALLY did.

I showed the guy a photo of a booth from my iPhone… which he used to draw us up a little diagram… PLUS measure out all the wood for us…

After him, we talked to 7 other employees while gathering the remainder of our supplies… each of whom taught us something new and exciting about building materials.

We now love the Home Depot and its team of incredibly helpful employees!

I have to say… throughout everything, my mom has been quite the little trooper. She didn’t want to actually build a booth for our first year because curtains would have been a much easier alternative. But in the end, I think we were both really happy.

The rest of the story probably isn’t that funny to any one else except us. Ha. Suffice it to say this little adventure consisted of 5 long days of the “blind leading the blind”.

And… we wouldn’t have finished at all had it not been for our next-door neighbor Mac McPherson checking up on us everyday to make sure that we were on the right track. 🙂

And actually, truth be told… we didn’t QUITE finish. The basic structure is finished, and we painted our walls. But we still have yet to actually do a trial run to make sure that this puppy isn’t going to topple over.


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